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    As I often say, and as I stress in my new book, Writing as a Business, coming soon, writing is a business. If you have published a book, you now have a product to sell. That means you have started a business, and you are an entrepreneur. Congratulations!

    “But I am not a good business person,” you say. “I just want to write, not run a business!”

    Good luck with that. Unless you have someone to run the business side for you, there will forever be administrative work to do. It is the nature of publishing, You need three things: production, distribution, and marketing.


    This not only includes writing some words, but rewriting, editing, cover design, interior formatting, and more. Many authors get stuck in this phase and never really get out of it. Not only does my new book cover this, but we will talk about it on this blog as well.


    You have to get your work in the hands of others, and that means distributing it as widely as possible. What does this mean and how do you really do it? We will explore your options here, and what they look like. There should be reasons for every decision you make, and they should all be related to reaching your readers in a more meaningful way where they are.

    This means you need to know who they are, where they hang out, and how they would like you to get in touch. This can be complicated, and it changes all the time.


    This is the most dreaded word in the writer world, but it is important. We will talk about all aspects of it here, from word of mouth to paid ads. What kind of marketing do you need? The answer is usually a bit of everything. We will talk about what that blend looks like and how much you need to budget for getting the word out about your books. It is going to cost you.


    Are you someone who writes for a living or wants to? Do you make money from your writing and want to share your approach and the business end of the writing life? Get in touch with me at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you, and what value you can add to the discussion.

    Stay tuned. More great stuff to come.

    Troy Lambert
    Troy is a freelance writer, author, and blogger who lives, works, and plays in Boise, Idaho with the love of his life and three very talented dogs.

    Passionate about writing dark psychological thrillers, he is an avid cyclist, skier, hiker, all-around outdoorsman, and a terrible beginning golfer.
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