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Let’s be honest. One of the hazards of being a writer is working alone. A lot. To the point where your dog can actually become your best friend because they share all your deepest conversations and secrets. The problem increases when you are getting advice from your pets when it comes to business decisions, client vetting, and new ideas to make money.

That’s where partnering with others comes in. Sometimes those partnerships are forged in person, but other times they are formed on the internet. There are a lot of places that make a lot of promises, but one that consistently delivers great learning, great content, and fantastic help when you need it is the Freelance Writer’s Den, run by Carol Tice.

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And this isn’t an empty sales pitch (although this article does contain affiliate links). This is a recommendation based on my experience, and the knowledge I have gained from being a member and engaging in webinars, free classes, and using resources found only in the Den.

Changing Job Titles

I listened to a one hour webinar online, one of the ones free to Den members, and while I learned several small things during that time, I learned one major one: your job title on LinkedIn can be a key to setting you apart from other freelancers. Having a niche, a focus, lets clients know right away if you are a fit for the job they are offering.

So I made a simple change. I changed my title from “freelance writer” to “content strategist.” What exactly did that do? Well, it told those who viewed my profile that I did more than just write blogs and web content and even SEO, which I do along with writing books, but it told them I did more.

As a result, I have created content strategy documents for brands (sometimes after writing articles for them for a long time first), I’ve raised my rates, and I’ve made more money. The simple thing is, as silly as it sounds, I would never have thought of doing that one thing until I was in the freelance writers den.

Courses and Resources

Did I mention that the hint above came in a webinar, one free to Den members? Yes? Well, the thing is there are several courses you can take along the way, all of them exceptionally valuable. Many will be geared toward the type of freelance work you want to do, but others will focus on areas you may not have thought of. Let’s face it, making a living writing is challenging, and often the solution is to diversify and learn to do different things.

Even if you are already earning a fair living as a freelance writer, there are tips and tricks on how to take your income to the next level, paying markets, emerging niches, and more. The courses and resources found in the Freelance Writers Den are truly unmatched anywhere else.

The Money

Okay, so here is the real deal: the Freelance Writers Den is inexpensive. There are a ton of other sites out there who want you to join, but they often cost way more money than what they offer. The Den is the opposite of that. You pay very little and get a lot in return. Carol Tice, who runs the den, is nothing short of Amazing with the help she offers. She brings in experts who share their tips and tricks, not to mention what you can learn from other members too.

It doesn’t matter if you write for magazines or if you write web content, blog posts, marketing copy, or what. If you are a freelance writer, or want to be one, you need to at least look at joining the Freelance Writers Den.

What Do I Get Out of All This?

Want to know a secret? Affiliate links don’t pay the bills. In fact, they usually don’t even pay for my parking in downtown Boise. It doesn’t matter. Really the purpose of this site and my upcoming Writing as a Business book(s) is to help other authors and freelancers not make some of the mistakes I made when I started out. But beyond that, it is designed to help you not make future mistakes either.

Most importantly, I want to equip authors, freelance writers, and other types of writers to do this one thing: join those of us who write for a living. We get up every single day and do the things that we love, and we get paid for them.

The Freelance Writers Den is a tool–one of many tools, but one that can help you build your business, increase your income, and change your life. Come join me! Being a part of it has been one of the best writing career decisions I have ever made as a freelancer.